Sunday, 7 December 2008

Today I have been mostly ...

  • Making truffles ... creme de menthe, amaretto and tia maria (Daddy Plum's recipe)
  • Making Violet Ice-Cream (Mummy Plum's recipe)
  • Marzipanning my Christmas Cake - you remember the one I made back in September? It's been regularly fed with sloe gin ... and the odd crumb that fell into my mouth this afternoon tasted delicious!
  • Cooking a lovely Sunday lunch
Am now considering whether to bake a chocolate cake, glue the oil cloth curtains, start some knitting with my lovely new wool or watch Home Alone!

Okay ... curtains it is! (only because it is on my "one more job to do before I can have a G&T blackboard!!)  

(Recipes to follow in next couple of days!)


MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo I love the sound of the truffle, what a delightful blog, ohooo and the sunday lunch Mmmmm

Thank you so much Victoria Plum for helping me brilliantly with the jam,how I would dearly love to have you with me in the kitchen when I make my jam, blackberry sounds gorgeous, I shall think of you when I make it

Yes please I would love the Pectin literature, sounds like it would be really helpful

I shall make a jar for you too Ohooo maybe get some practice in before

Mary X

MaryPoppins said...

Thank you :)

So glad you like me are a lover of Betty's, it is fun there, such a treat