Sunday, 14 December 2008

Limoncello - part 3

Having left my limoncello in a cool, dark place for another 40 days and nights ... today I strained out the lemon zest, decanted into bottles and put into the freezer until we decided to have a tipple!  I did try a small glass ... it is very strong! But lovely and zesty - and, best of all, homemade!

I am planning on making limoncello martinis over Christmas ... a measure of limoncello, topped up with champagne ... mmm mmm, sounds delicious! 


Jules said...

I love the sound of limoncello and champagne.

MaryPoppins said...

Certainly does sound delicious :) Can I join you :)


Greedy Nan said...

Oh. To have had some of the lemoncello a few weeks ago when I needed some for a dinner party desert. Couldn't find any so used brandy but it's way too potent for me and I left most of mine although everyone else loved it and was miffed there wasn't more.

MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo I love the sound of your pjs and the Joules Dress, I was on their web looking at their beauties, wanted the jersey dress in a lovely plum colour, none in my size, boo :)


Jo-Anne said...

Dear "Ms. Plum",
I just received the lovely parcel you sent to me for the Chrismas swap. Thank you so very much!! Everything was just lovely! I was happy to see the postcard--you see, I lived in England as a child. We rode to school on a double decker bus. (we lived in Banbury)
I do hope you will be receiving the package I sent to you very soon. I did forget to include my recipe, but I will pop in in an envelope and send it off to you as soon as I can!

Victoria Plum said...

You'll all have to come round for limoncello martini's!!! :)