Friday, 10 February 2012

Simple Fairy Cakes

It's been ages and ages since I have had one of those days where I find myself drafting a blog post in my head. It's been so long since I last did a post that I was beginning to think that I had completely lost the bug for it!

Then one day this week I saw a tweet - I think it may have been from the fabulous Thrifty Mrs - or she may have re-tweeted someone else ... But the essence of the tweet was

"what had happened to simple fairy cakes with a dollop of icing and a cherry on top?"

It made me think about everything - how I feel that life had become so complicated and at times, as I face Miss Plum (now 18 months) pushing her boundaries further and further, I just don't know what happened to my nice simple life! Each evening this week I have struggled to get Miss P home from nursery as she refuses to get into her pram. I end up carrying all 24lbs of her to the bus stop and pushing the buggy one handed. I live in London, remember, don't expect much help!

I then spend the evening trying to get her to eat a little snack which generally gets thrown over me!

All quite funny really - but what really topped it off was listening to radio 2 last night and the "Sounds of the 20th Century" focussing on 1994. 18 years ago, and it feels like yesterday ... Oh my god! I am getting OLD!

Anyway, having come to terms with life being more complicated than when I was 17 ... I decided that today me and Miss Plum would bake!

She helped me stir the cake mix and was in charge of chocolate button and star placement! I think she ate more buttons than actually went on the cake!

But here we are ... Simple fairy cakes with water icing and chocolate buttons!

And a few stars ... Are the stars too fancy?

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