Friday, 27 May 2011



I know that I have said it before, but I really don't know where time goes! 

I barely get time to read blogs let alone write posts anymore! I just haven't been inspired to write about anything, and I couldn't put my finger on why ... and then I realised - I don't think that I do very much worth blogging about anymore. I've banned myself from baking as I was putting on too much weight, I hardly get the opportunity to pick up my knitting needles as once Baby Plum is in bed I am generally passing out in front of the tv with exhaustion, I started a bit of sewing back in March ... I burnt some jam in April ... I went out for afternoon tea a couple of weeks ago.

When I started this blog in 2008 I was a very bored civil servant who sat at a computer 9-5, Monday to Friday and felt that any bit of creativity I had once had had been beaten out of her by "the system".  Starting this blog and writing about the stuff that I love to do (pretend I live in a lovely little village, baking, knitting, gardening etc) made me realise that there is so much more to life than sitting in an office, day in, day out. I felt inspired by other crafty blogs to get on and make stuff!

I have been on maternity leave since mid July (oh no ... due to go back to work in August) and my days are spent looking after the beautiful Baby Plum (now 9 months old - can you believe it?). My days are a mix of fun baby clubs (rhymetime and lots of coffee mornings), play dates with other babies, trips to the swings ... being a full time entertainer! I don't really get much time to do anything else.

Do you want to hear all about my day to day life with Baby Plum? Therein lies a problem itself as I'm a bit weary of the internet and don't like too much personal information 'out there' and by telling you all about me and my baby just seemed a bit too personal and how could I remain anonymous with more and more detail about my life going out?

The blogs that inspired me back in 2008 were the crafty ones and now more and more I find that I am drawn to the Mummy Blogs and the Baby Led Weaning blogs...I had always felt that my blog, although a happy mix of all kinds, did tend towards to crafty side of life...should I now rebrand?

But tonight I made some jam! Strawberry jam with berries from our allotment!

So I now have something to tell you all about, if you are still interested? I hope so!