Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year's Eve

I'm not one for a "big night out" on New Year's Eve.  There is nothing worse than being crammed into a bar with a thousand other people all having A Great Time.  

Since moving to London we have usually spent NYE with the in-laws Oop North, had friends round to us, or gone round to friends.  Last year was a brilliant night as my parents came down to London and we spent the evening having a lovely dinner, walking to St James' Park to watch the fireworks before heading back to the hotel we where we were staying for a glass of champagne before bed.

This year we are going round to some friends who are having a "90's" themed party ... it will be fun as we always have  good time with them!  I'm just a bit concerned about what to wear as the 90's are a decade that I would like to forget as I was a miserable student/goth ... ha ha ha! I bet you can't imagine it at all .... I'm not sure how I have changed so much - maybe it's all just part of growing up and realising how you want to be!

I hope you all have lovely evenings - whatever you decide to do!

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