Sunday, 27 June 2010

Cor! It's a bit hot!

We have had a lovely weekend!

Yesterday we went round to friends for a BBQ ... lots of lovely food and gossip! This morning we met the same friends in a local Morrisons for breakfast and then did a big food shop - bulk buying a few things and stocking up so that I can make lots of lovely veggie meals to stick in the freezer, so we don't have to worry about cooking when Baby Plum arrives!

We have spent a couple of hours in the garden, tending to the veg ...

I am very proud of my cucumbers - as I don't seem to have much luck with them usually ... hopefully this year will be better.

I love the colour of this foxglove ...

Here's the veggie patch with the addition of a few tomato plants ...

Some home grown strawbs ...mmmm

(Oh no! Germany have just scored ....)

Here is some lovely home grown lettuce ... plenty for our BBQ tea tonight!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Afternoon Tea Number Two!

Off I went to The Goring this afternoon for my second afternoon tea of the week!

I met my friend Liz at Victoria Station and we walked round the corner to this little gem! I have never been there before, but my Dad had mentioned it as I think that he knows someone who works there.

As you step into the foyer - it is like stepping back in time. The room where you have afternoon tea is lovely and you can imagine Sherlock Holmes sitting in the bar. And of course, there were the cakes ....

Dainty sandwiches (I had a special plate of veggie/pregnant friendly sandwiches), scones and cakes .... again washed down with plenty of Earl Grey. Lovely. A perfect start to the weekend!

Off to The Cadogan for tea in a couple of weeks! Well ... best get as many teas in as possible while I am on a full time wage (and before the pay freeze and VAT rise!!)

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Lovely bunting from an old friend ...

I still consider my three best friends from school my best friends forever (does that sound a bit American?!).

We may not phone each other regularly ... busy jobs and other commitments means that we are only able to meet up every couple of months. But I know that they are there if I need them, and I am always there for them. When we do meet up, we regress back to the silly 14 years olds, in love with Keanu Reeves, stinking of Woolworths "Fuzzy Peach" body spray and clunking around in Doc Martens!

Today, after a particularly dull day at work (although, shouldn't moan ... must be glad that I still have a job - even though am now subject to a two year pay!) I got home to an unexpected package on my doorstep. After coming down for my birthday tea and cakes a couple of weekends ago, my very crafty friend had been inspired to make some bunting for our "nursery corner" (the delights of having a baby in a one bedroom flat!).

Isn't it lovely? The kind thought reduced me to tears ... I can't wait to put it up in our room!

Am seeing another one of my girlfriends tomorrow for afternoon tea at The Goring. I can't wait!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Afternoon Tea Is My One Weakness ...

Oh! I am so annoyed!!

As I mentioned yesterday, today I was off to The Athenaeum for afternoon tea with my friends from work. I took my camera so that I could take pictures of all the lovely cakes and believe me, they were delicious ... orange blossom scones with lemon curd, orange and lemon cake, violet cupcakes, strawberries dipped in chocolate, banana cake and fruit cake to name a few of the delights we tried ... along with the dainty sandwiches and finished off with crumpets and tea cakes!

BUT ... I did manage to take a picture of the table before our cakes were served - I was just so absorbed by the yumminess of it all that my poor little camera was ignored.

We had such a lovely time, and sat there until 7.30pm gossiping ...

Off to The Goring for afternoon tea on Friday - I'll take more pictures then!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A sunny day in the garden when I should have been at work ...

Hey ....

It's been a while since I last posted - and thought that I owed you an update on the goings on at Plum house ....

I had a week off work at the end of May and spent it at my parents. We had a lovely time ... days out in the Cotswolds, lots of nice food and generally relaxing! Mr Plum joined us on the Friday and then my brother and his girlfriend came up for the weekend. It's not often that we get the whole family together - it was great!

Sad news though ... on the Sunday we got home and our handsome ginger cat was missing - and sadly, he had been run over. We are devastated and being a bit over protective of his sister, Pansy. Right now she is still out and about and we are starting to get a bit panicky ... I just wish she would pop in and say hello to us!!

After a terrible night's sleep (I'm now 33 weeks pregnant, I just can't get comfy in bed ... and had a night of cramp and heartburn, a thousand trips to the loo and worrying about the whereabouts of Pansy) I stayed at home today. I slept for most of the morning and woke up in time to see George Osborn's emergency budget ... then headed outside with a glass of squash and a good book. When Mr Plum got home from work we had a BBQ and did a bit of gardening.

Here are some pics ...

(from left to right) Turnips, Scallop Squash and Courgettes ....

I have overdone it with the tomato planting this year ... here are my San Marzano tomato plants ... I'm a bit behind with everything and have only just taken them out of the propagators ....

pretty roses in the Midsummer sun

My view for most of the day as I sat under the tree reading ....

Summer essentials .... sun hat, shades, a good book and some alcohol free lager!

I have only got 2 and a half weeks at work before I go on maternity leave and have already met former colleagues for a lovely lunch by the river on Friday ... tomorrow I am going to the Atheneaum for afternoon tea with the girls that I started working with almost 10 years ago ... I've had afternoon tea there twice and it is lovely!

I'm really looking forward to it! I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.