Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Today I received two parcels ... one from Arizona and another from Florida! Very exciting! I had been waiting for these parcels ever since I put together my two packages full of home made goodies, recipes and other bits and pieces at the beginning of December.

This was my parcel from the "Yummy Recipe Swap" ....

And here is my parcel from the "Clasheen Christmas Crafty Swap"

So lovely to receive these parcels full of beautifully crafted bits and pieces ... if you haven't taken part in a swap, and fancy doing one ... I would definitely recommend it! It was great fun ... especially putting together the parcels I sent out!  I think I will look for another swap to do in the New Year!

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Jo-Anne said...

OH! I am SOOO glad it finally arrived! It seemed to have taken forever! Sorry it came after Christmas. I hope you liked all of it...I had great fun putting it together.

P.S. When we lived in England, we lived in a little village called Turweston. We spent a lot of time in Banbury. We lived in an old stone house called Manor Cottage (which now goes by a different name...apparently the owners have added on an remodeled.)It was great living there...I went to school on the USAF base and we went on some fantantic field trips!!