Monday, 21 March 2011

Spring is here!

Well, Spring is here, so it is time to get out into the greenhouse and plant some seeds!

The Plums spent the weekend down on the allotment - you can read more about that on Allotment Plot 7A
But what is the point of a weekend of digging and soil prep if you haven't got any plants to plant in it?!

Above is my afternoon's work. We have:

Peperone, Money Maker, 100 & 1000s, San Marzano, Roma & Ailsa Craig (I do like to try a variety of tomatoes!)


Red Marconi Pepper

Looking forward to waiting for the seedlings to appear!

Spring Flowers

Baby Plum has been poorly for the last week with a nasty bug. She has perked up over the weekend and has spent the afternoon sleeping in her pram in the garden. She is now awake and demanding my attention, so I had best be off!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Babywearing: A Review of My Wonderful Snugbaby Sling

Those eagle-eyed readers among you may have noticed this logo appear on my blog a month or so ago ...

Well, I entered the competition and I won!! Yes, I WON A SLING!!!!

Here we are in front facing mode ... Baby Plum is mid raspberry blow ... she really likes to blow raspberries!

I bought myself a bog standard Mothercare sling when pregnant. I knew that I would want to carry Baby Plum this way sometimes, but didn't research the whole sling thing as much as I should have. In fact, although a very good friend of mine is a self confessed "breastfeeding, baby wearing, cloth nappying mama" it didn't even occur to me to ask her advice on which sling to get .... anyway, a few facebook whinges about my sling later, and my friend suggested I look at all the different slings in the market, and maybe visit a local sling meet to try them out.

I did look at the different slings, but was put off by the fact that the baby is only held in by a couple of knots ... and the price, having already forked out for one sling, I couldn't really justify the £60 odd quid being charged for other slings.

Well, that was a mistake as it would have been £60 odd quid well spent! I have worn my new sling quite a bit since collecting it from the Post Office depot last week. I have tried baby Plum in the front facing and inward facing positions (but not on my back yet!) and it is so comfy for me and the babe. In fact, it does not feel like I am carrying 16lbs of baby on my front!

The material is lovely and I was able to choose my design (I went for this lovely Blossom design), the sling is reversible if Mr Plum fancies wearing it, but doesn't want the blossom design!

I would definitely recommend this kind of sling to anyone who is looking to try out a spot of babywearing!

Baby Plum is a bit poorly at the moment, otherwise I would have tried her out in the hip wearing position and be in the greenhouse!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Allotment Plot 7A

The Plums are very proud to announce that they have finally reached the top of the local allotment waiting list and have a plot of their very own!

Yes, we have an allotment!!

I know that I vowed NEVER to grow tomatoes again ... but I think that I just don't have the space or the sunshine in my little garden and am hoping that I will have more success over at the plot.

Follow our adventures over at our new blog where both Mr Plum and myself will be writing about our digging and building (Mr Plum) and delicately planting seeds (me!)

Spread the word, allotment themed giveaway once we have 50 followers!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

I'm back and I'm making stuff!


Hope everyone is fine and dandy!

I'm back!

I've been very busy lately - but have been keeping up with all of your lovely blogs, and even finding a moment to leave a comment or two! But, I have decided that it has been too long since I last posted a blog ... so here I am!

Here is a little birdy toy I have made for Baby Plum ... I am planning on making some more with different fillings (sand, rice, beans, bells...). She liked it and put it straight into her mouth! I used a cute little pattern from CK's "sew" book.