Thursday, 28 April 2011

Is someone getting married?

Love them or hate them ... it is hard to escape tomorrow's nuptials!

I'm very excited! If we didn't have Baby Plum in tow, I would be tempted to hop on the train into London and have a look! 

The Plums will be celebrating the Royal Wedding with a champagne breakfast at home and then onto friends for a BBQ in the afternoon.  I promised the hostess that I would bring along something Royal Wedding themed ... do you reckon my Victoria Sponge with Berry topping will go down well?

Hurrah! Congratulations to William and Catherine!

How will you be celebrating the Royal Wedding?

Friday, 15 April 2011

I've been neglecting an old friend ...

My garden.

We've been busy working on our allotment and I am sad to say that my poor little garden has been a bit neglected.

I was out there this evening planting some more seeds (courgette and purple sprouting broccoli) in the greenhouse. I wish we had smell-o-vision on the computer as the aroma was amazing! The air was thick with the scent of lilac. It was so so beautiful.  Mmmmmmm

Here are a few pics 

Lilac and cherry blossom
Apple blossom

Monday, 11 April 2011

More competitions!

Yes, I have recently won two competitions! I never win anything (and will be choosing my third competition carefully, I tell you!)

This was another twitter competition where all I had to do was retweet! And I won! hurrah!

This is a lovely lovely book, full of yummy recipe ideas for little people.  So far, Baby Plum has enjoyed roast vegetable fingers, guacamole and will demolish a whole bowl (baby sized, of course!) of delicious hummus.

We are looking forward to trying out other recipes as Baby Plum gets older!

You can buy Jennie Maizels "Finger Food For Babies and Toddlers" here and can also follow Jennie on Twitter

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Baby Led Weaning: Our adventures so far!

April already! Hellooooo!

Well, Baby Plum is now 33 weeks and we have been enjoying weaning for the last seven, or so, weeks.

I hadn't really given weaning much thought but as she hurtled towards being 17 weeks old and my other Mummy Friends began to give their babies purees and baby rice - I started to look into it!

I don't know where I came across the term "Baby Led Weaning" first. Probably a blog. But it made sense to me.

The basic premise is to hold off weaning until your baby is 6 months old (and their digestive system is more developed) and offer them food. No, not purees and mash. Your food, the food off your plate. Some broccoli? Mmm. Roast vegetable fingers? Yes please! Some fajita veg in Chiquitos - YEAH!!

I didn't know when to start. But Baby Plum knew when she was ready for food. It was the day she grabbed a banana out of my hand and shoved it in her mouth!

I love banana!

Not the best self portrait - but here we are enjoying fajita veg salad!

I'll have a full English, Mummy!

I love Mexican tortillas! Can I have some more guacamole please - it makes a lovely face pack!!

I do spoon feed Baby Plum her breakfast as I can't cope with porridge being spread around my kitchen each morning!

The thing with BLW is that food should be fun - Baby Plum will play with most of her food rather that eat it all up. She does eat some of it (her nappies are proof of that!) but her main source of nutrients continues to be her milk feeds. She sits at the table with me and Mr Plum each evening and has some of whatever we are eating. She has tried so much food! It is great fun.