Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My best ever jam!

I must tell you about my jam!

This isn't like my blackberry jam which was rock solid ... or my rhubarb and ginger jam which turned to toffee in the pan.

This is lovely, 'firm' (can you use 'firm' to describe jam?) strawberry jam!

Remember our allotment plot? (More of that another time ...) well, this summer we picked 11lbs of strawberries from our patch! 11lbs!! Most of these were scoffed, still warm from the May sunshine ... but a good proportion were picked by Mr Plum while I was staying with my parents and bunged in the freezer.

So I defrosted ...

After my runny strawberry jam incident, I made sure I got sugar suitable for strawberry jam!

I popped to John Lewis and got a sugar thermometer 
Sterilised my jars 

Mmmmmm 8 jars of delicious jam! I will have to make scones this weekend!