Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Waiting for the harvest

Tonight, while out in my greenhouse giving the veg a good water, I thought I would start my very own blog - which I have wanted to do for ages! My interests are all things crafty ... growing veg, making stuff ... and dreaming of chickens running round the garden (for their eggs ...)

Are you sick of modern life?

Do you yearn for the days when life was simpler?

So do I .. although I was only born in the 70's! 

I finally got a garden of my own last summer...and my greenhouse earlier this year!  My crop this year includes tomatoes, courgettes, cucumbers, peppers, beetroot, pumpkins, butternut squash, rocket, spring onions, potatoes, peas and cabbages!  Keep reading to find out how they progress!


Greedy Nan said...

Decided to come back to day 1 and see you from the start. I'm going to make a note of you and keep looking because I rather like your blog so far. I started mine earlier this year and have very few comments which deterred me for a while but the comments I did get spurred me on a bit. I don't get very many even now but am hoping ... nice to meet you.

Victoria Plum said...

Nice to meet you too! Thanks for the comments - I haven't had very many either - but I enjoy blogging so much that I keep going! It's nice to know that I have have a regular reader! I like your blog too and will be putting a link to it from mine - hope that's okay!