Friday, 29 August 2008

The People's Prom – Folk Day July 2008

I belong to a local choir, and towards the end of the last term our social secretary bought in a pile of leaflets advertising the first ever BBC Folk Proms. The Folk Proms was held in Kensington Gardens and had various bands, morris dancing, maypoles, story telling and the Family Chorus.

To reserve a space on the chorus you just needed to send an email – so I did this straight away and then happily turned up at 10am on the Sunday morning ready to sing! There were about 500 people of all ages, in the chorus. We sang a selection of nautical themed folk songs, finishing with the beautiful Skye Boat Song. You can have a listen here if you want!

I'm hoping that they will have another next year – hopefully I can convince some friends to come along with me for a great day singing in the Proms!

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