Sunday, 31 August 2008

The Edge of Love

"The Edge of Love" is a film about the lives and inter-woven relationships of Dylan & Caitlin Thomas and Vera & Matthew Killick.  

The use of contemporary clips of war-time London helped evoke the period - the sets and costumes were all wonderful.  I had read that (cue deep American cinema voice) "if you liked Atonement - you will love The Edge of Love" - and I did! 

I loved the dresses and wellies that the girls wore when they were in Wales!
It was a beautiful film - although I have to admit that it left me feeling a bit downhearted.  

This is the second time that I have seen a film starring Keira Knightley where I hate to admit it, but she was actually very good.  She looked every bit the 1940's singer - and was surprised to find out that she did all her own singing!  I think that having to concentrate on her Welsh accent didn't give her a chance to do her usual poute! Thank goodness!  Some of Keira's costumes were actually based upon the real dresses worn by Vera at the time.  They are currently on show in an exhibition in Swansea.

I feel that I should know more about Dylan Thomas - having lived in West Wales for 3 years ... it turns out that Mr Plum actually lived on one of the pubs where Thomas would stay when visiting Lampeter!  Apparently the film is a good portrayal of Dylan Thomas and I left the cinema completely disliking him! 

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