Sunday, 17 August 2008

Mr Plum the Home-Brewer

Mr Plum likes his homebrew.

The first batch of Yorkshire Bitter was lovely! It made a very nice shandy ... unfortunately we drank it far too quickly!! 

Mr Plum's second batch of home brew went slightly wrong and exploded over him last night.

While in York we visited the York Brewery ... Mr Plum got himself a "Yorkshire Terrier" home brew kit ... we also had a tasting tray of 4 Yorkshire Brewery ales ... they were very nice!  Mr Plum's best friend also gave him another Yorkshire Bitter homebrew kit - so that will keep him busy for a while!

While Mr Plum is making his home brew .. I'm looking forward to this years batch of Spicy Sloe Gin and Limoncello!   The Plum Brewery is going to be busy this autumn...


chimpy said...

yep, we are all looking forward to this years batch of sloe gin and lemoncillo, hope you are going to save some for us travellers, chimpy and la la x

Victoria Plum said...

Of course I will ... you are my most loyal customers! A bottle of each will be waiting your return!