Monday, 11 August 2008

Prize-winning pumpkin?

I am concerned about my pumpkins....

My greenhouse is jam-packed with veg (which I hope will not die while I am on holiday ... I have left my brother at home to look after it all!) ... and I have 3 pumpkins growing in a flower bed at the back of the garden.  When I planted my first pumpkin by the door to the green house I had no idea that it would grow a massive stem right across the door - obstructing the way into the greenhouse! I am also worried that this stem will keep growing ... and growing ... and will be right across the garden and making it's way through my bedroom window by the time I get back home .... hmmm.

This pumpkin has done particularly well as we planted it in a compost rich soil ... the other 2 are growing, but at a much slower rate (there was not as much compost in this part of the garden).

No veg on the plants yet ... but I am hopeful that I will get at least one lovely pumpkin ... and 3 if I am really lucky!

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