Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The Innocent Village Fete

Me and Mr Plum went to the Innocent Fete in Regents Park on Sunday.  Having grown up in a small village where the yearly fete was one of the highlights of the social calendar, I thought that an afternoon of morris dancing, welly wanging and tea and cakes would be the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon in August.

I wasn't disappointed! It was great!  Okay ... so the rain was a bit annoying, and I tried my hardest to ignore the commercial aspect of the whole day ... I would have liked to have seen more bands but we could only just squeeze ourselves into the "Hay Barn" to watch the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain (lots of people were just using the tent as shelter and were just sitting around chatting and missing the music!)

It was nice to get some lovely veggie food (not too overpriced, considering...), wander around the crafty stalls (lots of ideas ... please see future posts!), buy some plants, get ideas for living more ecologically ... oh, and have free tea and cakes at the Yorkshire Tea tent!  That was Mr Plum's favourite bit! 

I will definitely be going back next year!!

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