Sunday, 25 July 2010

Cup of tea cake and my final pre-baby afternoon tea!


Here is a picture of my (now demolished!) Cup Of Tea cake ... yum! It was delicious! I will have to make another one this week!

Val from The Victorians Didn't Even Like Pink! left a comment on my original cake post saying that as an American she had not come across a cake which uses tea in the recipe ... I don't know the history of tea loaf - but it is something I have grown up with! Maybe it is an English thing? Val, have a go at the tea loaf recipe here (you can use Breakfast tea, or Earl Grey with a squeeze of lemon juice is also very nice). I would be more than happy to post you some lovely Yorkshire Tea bags for you to use, if you would like? Let me know what you think!

After admiring my cake on Friday afternoon, I headed into town to meet my pregnant friend from university (who is having a baby in September!) for ... you guessed it ...


Yes, I know that four (is it four? I think that I am beginning to lose count!) afternoon teas in as many weeks (ish!) is a bit excessive ... but it has been fun to catch up with my best girlfriends, over a scone and a sandwich and copious amounts of tea. I know that once Baby Plum arrives my champagne lifestyle (on a ginger beer wage!!) will have to stop ... ha ha. Maybe until Mr Plum treats me to the Christmas afternoon tea at Claridges which we had to postpone from last year!


Florence and Mary said...

You should write a full on guide to Afternoon Tea yourself!

Victoria x

Val said...

You're such a dear! I would love some Yorkshire tea. I cannot wait to try this cake. I know just the friend to share it with too. We shared a lovely tea together not long ago. Both of our families came from the British Isles (a few generations back, nonetheless!), so I think our taste for tea must be bred into us. Drop me a note at v r marvin at sbcglobal dot net and I will send you my address.

Kelly said...

I've never had tea cake! I'll have to try it myself!!!
You cabn never have too many afternoon teas, I'm sure the baby is appreciating it!!!