Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Pret a Portea at The Berkley

I'm very lucky that someone close to me works at The Berkley Hotel in London and last Sunday (before heading off on the EasyBus to the EasyHotel in Luton -y'see it's not all 5 star for me!!) I went in for afternoon tea with one of my best friends (who I have known since I was 6!) and my brother's fabulously glamourous Italian girlfriend .... it was wonderful.  Have a look here 

Here is the cake stand with all the fabulous cakes based on this season's fashions! 

It was lovely and of course I wore my new Joules dress and the red patent shoes (picture to follow!) that my parents bought me for my birthday (and I wore a little bit early!)

I love cakes!!


Florence and Mary said...

Oh I've been lucky enough to have a Pret a Portea too, isn't it fun.

Pop back to my blog this afternoon as I'll be posting something of interest to you! ;o)

Victoria xx

Victoria Plum said...

ooh! sounds intriguing ..... I look forward to this afternoon's posting! :)

LissyLou said...

I've been wanting to go there for a while, looks fab!!

Tracy x said...

my - that looks wonderful....
i guess i will never see anything as grand as that this far North!
hope you are having a wonderful weekend
t x