Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Veg from the garden and other random bits on a Wednesday ...

No gallivanting around London town for me today!

This morning I had an antenatal appointment, followed by an hours swim at the local pool ... after lunch, a read and a nap I headed to the kitchen to make some meals to put in the freezer - so we don't have to worry about cooking when Baby Plum first arrives.

I picked two lovely courgettes and two little turnips and roasted these with some lovely basil flavoured tofu (discovered at Waitrose in Worthing!) for dinner.

I was kept company by the lovely Pansy (who is celebrating her first birthday today!) ... she spotted the washing basket with blankets used for my picnic on Friday and thought that she would make it her new bed. Such a cutie!

A spot of knitting was also done ... I have decided to take a break from knitting the baby blanket and have decided to do some toys instead! Here is my first bunny - I am going to make a string of them to hang across the cot. Mr Plum thinks that it looks a bit like Hitler ... so I may have to do some work on the bunny's mouth!!


Kandi said...

Oh bless your bunny gave us a giggle. It reminds me of Miffy, but I can only see a hitler tashe now you said it :)
Kandi x

smilernpb said...

That's have a nice rest before the little one arrives.

I don't think your bunny looks like Hitler....?!

Hugs xx