Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pretties ...

I returned from Switzerland very late last night and found the following package waiting for me (sorry - the photo does not do the sachets justice!)
The lovely lavender sachets and CK soap were sent to me by Shabby Chick after I replied to her Pay It Forward post!  Lavender is my favourite scent ... well, that and rose .... oh and the lilac that I can smell through my bedroom window! Thank you so much for these!! Mr Plum has popped to the Post Office Depot to collect another parcel for me! So exciting!

I'm bored of tidying and unpacking and while we have blue sky, I am going to pop out to the garden and see how the veg is getting on .... my brother did a marvellous job at keeping everything alive while we were on holiday!  

Happy Tuesdays (I love not being at work!)

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Shabby Chick said...


You're very welcome, really glad you like your little things! I think the ribbon got a bit squashed in transit :-S

Mel xxx