Saturday, 9 May 2009

Junk Shop Bargain!

I haven't blogged very much lately as have had so many other things going on ... but I am now on annual leave for nearly two weeks (first proper break since August last year!) - Woo Hoo!!

I was having a bit of a tidy ... and have cleared all the junk surrounding our oak bureau which we found in a lovely little antique shop in the town where my parents live.  It caught our eye immediately and while Mr Plum and I were stood by the bureau debating on whether we could really afford the £55 price tag (which, to be honest ... we couldn't really ...) the owner of the shop came across to us and said "yours for £40..." SOLD!

Here it is .... perfect for hiding stuff!


Greedy Nan said...

I really want to paint it! Will you? What style? I love bureaus [or is it bureaux?]. We have sort of two. I say sort of because one is a bureau cum bookcase thing and you can hide even more stuff in that one than the just-bureau one. Is this making any sense at all?
PS thanks for commenting on my blog by the way and the CNCs have stayed in the cupboard so far today!

Mary Poppins said...

It is beautiful, well done on your lucky find and it indeed looks perfect in it's pretty new home :)


LissyLou said...

It's lovely - a great find x

Florence and Mary said...

I love these bureaus!

Victoria x