Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Year Treats

I had a look round the Cath Kidston sale the other day ... and although these weren't reduced, I thought I would treat myself to the pins and threads tins to add to my sewing kit.  

They are lovely!


Greedy Nan said...

There is a CK shop in TWells now but I rarely travel very far - it's such a chore to drive - I could get the 'bus though. Will I do it before the sale ends d'ya think? And will it be worth it?

Victoria Plum said...

To be honest (as much as I love CK!) the sale isn't that good this year ... but then again, that was only in one of the smaller South London shops ... maybe a bigger one would have more bargains??! It was the same old stuff reduced (bags, passport holders, purses etc!) .... hmmmm maybe I should venture off to another CK shop.... :)

Greedy Nan said...

I got a lift into TWells in the end but as the CK shop is out of the main centre I didn't manage to walk down there. I did pretty well with the remainder of my shopping though and managed to get everything else on the list [I always make lists or something's bound to be forgotten]. Lucky I don't have young children any more or they'd still be sitting outside the supermarket waiting for me to come back - no jesting]!
Had a look at your 'how to thread up a sewing machine'. I was waiting for the punchline but it never came.

Greedy Nan said...
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