Sunday, 18 January 2009

I won't give up my day job! aka "The Bag"

I have just finished my bag! Hurray! I got fed up with trying to follow the complicated non-instructions in "Sew Hip" magazine (and also noticed that it was an 'intermediate' project ... oh well) and just sewed the thing up any old way (!) ... have you noticed the nifty pocket on the front for knitting needles?! 

I used 3 different fabrics - the outside and lining were purchased from ebay and the bottom was some old fabric of my mum's ... I think we used to have curtains  made from this material! 

I have now got it stuffed with all my bits of fabric and wool - it's a bit of an ... unusual shape ....! Needless to say , I won't be giving up work to start a bag making business any time soon!! haha!

This was my first proper go at sewing from a pattern and I suppose that I have to start somewhere! Think I will have a go at something from "Make" next .... should be slightly easier!! 

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Greedy Nan said...

Glad that you've found time to answer the tag - takes a bit of time doesn't it?
Did you have any trouble with your Sewhip? I've had the latest copy but am still awaiting the back issues from my subscription. Although I've rung and emailed them they still haven't arrived. I will live in hope!
PS word veryfication today is NESTIEST - how sweet it that?