Monday, 5 April 2010

Crochet, wool plea and a Baby Plum update

I quite often suffer from "hooky envy" ... do you? Especially when reading the fabulous Attic24 or Do You Mind If I Knit? blogs!

I LOVE to knit - but sometimes find it a tad frustrating that it takes so long for the finished product to 'materialise'.

Ever since I went to the Make Lounge, I have wanted to learn how to crochet the lovely granny squares that I often see on other blogs, and found a brilliant little tutorial via the Attic24 blog ... here is what I have done so far! A bit 'rustic' around the edges ... but if I wanted something perfect, I would go and buy it from an overpriced shop! ha ha I think that if I do 35 of these squares it will be the perfect size to keep Baby Plum cosy in her push chair.

I have encountered a smallish problem though! I bought a few balls of Rowan Cashsoft Chunky from a cheapo wool website earlier this year ... and I stupidly only bought one ball of each colour ... and now I have discovered to my horror that Rowan have discontinued their Cashsoft Chunky range (nooooooooo!) Anyway, I have found a few websites that still have some of the grey and light purple ... but the dark purple is nowhere to be found.

This is where I make a cheeky plea!

If anyone has the odd ball of Rowan Cashsoft Chunky in Eggplant (colour 716) hidden away in their yarn stashes, or knows of a haberdashery which still stocks this lovely lovely chunky wool - I will happily pay good money for it!

In the meantime I am going to have a go at crocheting a pretty stripy blanket for Baby Plum ... I have seen a lovely one in Mamas and Papas - but think that £32 is a bit excessive (as long as I can source some lovely, but cheap yarn!)

Me and Mr Plum went for our 20 week anomaly scan on Thursday ... everything was fine (which was a relief, as I tend to worry ...) we also found out that there is a 95% that we are having a little girl! I really didn't mind what sex our baby was, as long as he/she was healthy ... but didn't want to turn down the chance to find out!


RosieP said...

Love the colours of your crochet.

How exciting, Baby Plum may be a little girl.

Hugs RosieP x

Anonymous said...

Great crochet (still beyond me). We didn't dare find out from the scan - we knew too many people who bought pink & needed blue!

smilernpb said...

Oooooh!! A 95% chance? How do people come up with these odds?!

I understand that they cannot tell you totally 100% until the baby is born....but the way we looked at it was, they can falsly say 'it is a boy' if the cord gets in the way, and they mistake it for the boys' bits....but when they told us we were having girls - for M and Bronte, they said they had a clear view and there 'were no boy bits!'. And of course if they say 100% you're having one as opposed to the other....and they are wrong....they open themselves up to all sorts of law suits! Oops.

So....anyway, congratulations!! I saw on FB that you brought Mr Plum a very nice Easter egg....although he did find faults in it (I love the article lol), I hope that he brought you an equally nice one in return?

Have fun buying pink-y things! And I think Victoria Plum would be a lovely name for your baby! :o) xx

smilernpb said...

Just read Crafty Helen's comment - oh wow, I have NEVER known ANYONE to have been told the wrong sex at the scans!! :o) xx