Wednesday, 14 April 2010

15% off at Cath!

15% off at Cath Kidston ... just for today!!


CraftyHelen said...

Oh no - can I blame you when Husband throws a wobbly?!

Florence and Mary said...

I've received this too and it's very tempting isn't it!

Victoria xx

PS I would love to fit you and Mr P in my suitcase but where on earth would I put all my shopping?!

RosieP said...

I've been, spent my birthday vouchers, bought a lovely overnight bag...woo hoo

Hugs RosieP x

Scented Sweetpeas said...

I MUST NOT LOOK, I MUST NOT LOOK at that gorgeous site - no no no - I am going to be good ........ oohh I don't think I can resist!

Kelly said...

Yay! Popped down after work! Well it was so kind of her wasn't it?
I saved £8 :)

Mary Poppins said...

Have a lovely time in y, we are thinking of popping there for a little holiday. Thank you SO much for your lovely words, meant so much, especially with your little person on the way, please dont feel you have to watch the little video montage, Infact, if i was in position I dont think i could, you may be up for it one day. thanks for looking out for the magazine, the one at the moment has a young blonde haired lad on the front cover, there is talk that my little man may go in the next edition, so think it would be june /july so possibly out in May sometime. The only place i have been told is waitrose, but could be more places that stock it. Looks like a nice mummy magazine actually, and good that it is free :0)Thank you so much for keeping your eyes peeled, would be lovely if you saw him before him, really lovely :0)

Have fun lovely lady