Tuesday, 6 April 2010

New Duvet!

The lovely Mr Plum treated me to this fab new duvet set from Tesco instead of an Easter Egg! Very similar to my BHS duvet ... but with more stripes!!

This is a picture from Tesco Direct - not my bed! And it was a bargain at £13.50 for a Kingsize!!

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LissyLou said...

That is really pretty....hhmmmmm that would look nice in my new spare/work room. I was going to get the rosali ikea one, but i guess a spare is always needed ;)

Florence and Mary said...

I have this too, great isn't it!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

What pretty fabric. I'm not allowed to be that flowery in the bedroom department, but I'm thinking that I may order one to chop up. That's a lot of fabric for a bargain price!xx

smilernpb said...

That's lovely.

Sadly we have a super-king size and not many places sell super-king duvet covers....and when they do, they charge a FORTUNE for them :o(

I think he should have got you an Easter egg as well....you know, cos you deserve it :o) xx