Saturday, 3 April 2010

Victoria and Albert In Love

A couple of Sundays ago I watched a very interesting programme on BBC 1 about a new exhibition opening at the Queen's Gallery ... I don't know whether you saw it too?

Well, today I went to the Victoria and Albert: Art In Love exhibition with Mr Plum and my parents. Unfortunately, HRH was at home, so the State Rooms at Buck House were closed ... but we'll be going back (for my third visit!)

The exhibition was brilliant ... beautiful artwork and jewels given to each other, Victoria's drawings of her children and music specially arranged so that Victoria and Albert could duet together ....

I would definitely recommend this exhibition if you find yourself in London over the next couple of months. You can book tickets here


RosieP said...

Happy Easter

Hugs RosieP x

smilernpb said...

This exhibition looks so interesting. From a young girl I have been interested in their love story, I think it was a school project I did on the Victorian's when I was 10 that started it. Also I used to collect those Royal Romances.....although I never knew anyone else who did! lol

Thank goodness it is on until October, I will definately have to try and get down to see it. I would love to have a trip to London, I havent been in years.