Sunday, 19 October 2008

Kitchen Project - Cabinet Transformation! Part 1

We have been busy in the kitchen today - making a start on finishing the little bits of decorating we have left to do ... the little bits we started back in January ... oh yes, 10 months ago!!

Mr Plum was busy putting edging on the work top, finishing laying the floor, putting a nifty piece of wood on the step into the bathroom (a bit difficult to describe on here - but looks great!) and putting a new light in.  I made a start on transforming the "cube", and painting shelves and window sills. 

We are nearly there - our aim is to get it completely finished by Christmas! 

My main project today was "cube" - Mr Plum's pride and joy - but far too '80's for my liking - and it no longer fits into our lovely kitchen.  

Here is the cube - before it got the Plum treatment!  

I have painted the cube with a nice white gloss to match the other bits of furniture in the kitchen.  I had planned to use a "grainer" tool on it - but that didn't work!

My next job will be to make little curtains for the open shelves on the cube.  I have been looking on the Cath Kidston website for inspiration and have found some nice pieces of oil cloth with pretty vintage patterns.  I have sent off for samples - here is my favourite:
but it really depends on how much I will need as typically it is quite pricey


Greedy Nan said...

This ck fabric reminds me so much of growing up in the 60s. I love it. There is another site you might like to look at [but too expensive for my meagre purse] - Vanessa Arbuthnott. She has some terrific fabrics, oilcloth, etc. Just looking at her site and catalogue are so inspiring.

Victoria Plum said...

Thanks - I'll have a look! Although probably too expensive for my little purse too ....