Saturday, 22 December 2012

Christmas Films - What Are Your Favourites?

We all love Christmas films don't we?

But what are your favourites?  Is there a film, which signifies the start of the festivities? Do films hold special memories of being young?

Here are my favourites ... it's an ever-evolving list with new ones added every year.  Let me see if I can limit it to 10.  In no particular order (that would be far too tricky!)

Meet Me In St Louis.  For me, this is the start of Christmas. I love it.  I LOVE IT! I often wonder how I got into my 30's before seeing it. How did that happen? My favourite scene is the Christmas ball when Esther is dancing with her grandpa and they waltz behind the Christmas tree and she reappears the other side with John.  Wonderful.  

Home Alone I & II.  I saw both of these films when they came out at the cinema with my family. We laughed so hard that I thought we were all going to die! Both films are watched multiple times in the run up to the big day.  Can you believe that Mr Plum had not seen either of these films until he met me?

Santa Claus: The Movie.  I can remember my dad taking me and my brother to see this at the cinema one Christmas Eve.  It's the ultimate in American 80's cheese.

White Christmas.  Of course! What's not to like?

Elf. A recent addition to my Christmas film must sees! 2 year old Miss Plum is also a fan.

Miracle on 34th Street.  I watched this for the first time at the weekend. I know! Where have I been? Living under a rock??? I had recorded the 1990's version off the telly ...and Mr Plum has come home with a DVD with both versions on!!

Arthur Christmas.  I saw this for the first time at the weekend and we had to buy it. 

The Holiday/Love Actually.  Christmas schmaltz in perfect London/perfect 
England/perfect LA.

 It's A Wonderful Life. Mr Plum STILL hasn't seen this film! We have now got it on DVD and will be watching it on Christmas Eve.

The Snowman & Mickey's Christmas Carol.  I have put these films together as they remind me of the children's Christmas parties that my Dad used to organise at his work (although apparently we only watched Mickey once!).  Every year we would watch the Snowman and I can't wait to introduce Miss Plum to it.


Kandi said...

The Christmas Films are a big part of the build up to Christmas for us. My favourites are It's a Wonderful Life, Scrooged, Love Actually and A Christmas Story. Love them, have a fab christmas xx

Sheila said...

Did you see the Snowdog? It was fab and so cute!
I only saw Arthur Christmas last year and thougth it was great too. Very good choices!