Monday, 17 December 2012

A Family Christmas Gathering & Christmas Mini Muffins

My parents came to visit this weekend and we headed to the Albert Hall for the famous sing-a-long carol concert! It was great fun! After a slight stress with my brother organising and then managing to double book himself (and turning up to the concert slightly squiffy!) we had a lovely time singing all the fabulous Christmas carols and other popular songs! One of the most memorable moments was singing the descant to Hark The Herald ... and my brother singing along in a scary falsetto voice!! Ha ha! Also, doing the mexican wave to Slade's famous Christmas hit was brilliant!

Miss Plum enjoyed herself and lasted until about 30 minutes before the end ... such a good girl!

So, after feeling completely unfestive for most of the month ... a couple of days of baking, card making and writing and Christmas cake decorating - I AM FEELING CHRISTMASSY! (I also had my first snowball of the festive season with my mum last night!)

Last Christmas a friend at work spotted a recipe for Christmas mini-muffins on the BBC website.  I wanted to make them but didn't have a mini muffin tin - but picked one up during the year and made some last week.  I would have taken a photo ... but they have all been scoffed, so you will have to make do with the BBC picture!!  Here's a link to the recipe ... so easy, so tasty! 

 I will be making some more this week!!!

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