Thursday, 9 June 2011

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

On Tuesday I headed into London to meet a friend for lunch. This was one of those exciting last minute-ish things as my friend was on a flying visit back from New Zealand and was only going to be in London for a couple of days! It was lovely to catch up with her. I hope she comes back home again soon.

There is always something interesting going on along the Southbank. If you find yourself in London and at a loose end - head down there! You won't be disappointed. 

As I headed towards Giraffe I was greeted by this ...

and these ...

deckchairs outside Foyles? What is going on??

The seaside theme was all part of the Festival of Britain and the "Summer of Fun".  There were exhibits inside the chalets, but it was a bit of a tight squeeze to get me and Baby Plum inside along with all the tourists! 

 A lovely sunny afternoon ... yummy food and fun with Baby Plum!


Sheila said...

how lovely, you are so lucky having this so close to your home...what a lucky baby! It does look all so pretty, sounds like a great day was had by all!

Florence and Mary said...

I love fish and chip vans! There's always something fun happening on the Southbank,

Victoria xx