Saturday, 16 January 2010

Hey Presto!

This morning Mr Plum headed off for his first lesson in magic! He will be heading to a strange, dark shop hidden away in the maze that is Charing Cross underpass (it is like something out of Harry Potter!) for three hours tuition in the art of magic tricks! The course will last for three Saturdays - he was very excited this morning!

I am enjoying a nice lie in with a cup of tea (Yorkshire) and a pile of toast and marmite! I haven't got anything planned for this morning, so will probably do a bit of housework before heading into town to meet up with Mr P and some friends for dinner.

I'm still feeling the "Christmas Bloat" and now that the snow has melted, I no longer have the excuse that it is too cold to go swimming, eat healthily etc! I have managed to bribe Mr P into going for an early morning swim tomorrow with the promise of a Wetherspoons brekkie ... we will also be plugging in the wii fit to burn off some Christmas calories!

What are you up to this weekend?


SparkleFarkle said...

Hope Mr Plum comes home with a pocketful of magic words and other assorted abracadabras! In the meantime, enjoy your cup o'!

Lululiz said...

He is learning magic? Thats brilliant!

Florence and Mary said...

That is an exciting way to spend a few Saturdays!

Victoria xx