Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

I hope that you have all enjoyed the festive season ... we had a very busy holiday split between Christmas with my in laws in the very snowy Lake District and a fab New Year with my parents!

We came back to London yesterday and have cleared away the Christmas decorations and are now getting ready to head back to work tomorrow .... but I thought I would quickly post and let you see some of the lovely books I got for Christmas this year!

I'm looking forward to making some delicious sweeties from the Hope and Greenwood recipe book (mmm mmmm), having a go at something vintage from the "A Stitch in Time" and making more Cath Kidston goodies!!

I found these lovely gift tags in a shop in Ambleside ... I just hope that I don't forget the I have them next Christmas!


Lululiz said...

Great selection of books! I hope we'll see something made from them real soon.

SparkleFarkle said...

Happy New Year and many thank yous to my dear, new blog-pal, Victoria Plum! On Christmas morning, I opened my wonderful Secret Santa present from you! (What a delightful way to make new friends!) Each and every little giftie was a specialful surprise! -- particularly the elfy cones, which immediately became the most popular trim on our Christmas tree! Puppet (my daughter) and I decided to put secret treats in them for each other each morning, until our O Tannebaum has to be replaced with all things Valentine. Such fun! And I thank you, again!

The best to you and yours in 2010!

SparkleFarkle (Janine)~~~~~*

Kelly said...

Happy New year!
Wow love the tags! Bet you do forget about them, but they will be a lovley surprise!

Florence and Mary said...

I got the Hope and Greenwood book too.... I can't wait to try the sherbet lemon marshmellows!

Victoria xx