Thursday, 11 September 2008

Lost In Austen

Why did the portal from Longborne lead to Amanda Price's bathroom? It should have lead to mine!  

"Lost in Austen" is a new ITV series about romantic Amanda Price who is disillusioned with her life in London and has the luck to find Lizzie Bennett playing with the electric light in her bathroom!  Amanda travels through the portal and Lizzie stays in 21st Century London...

Amanda is supposedly a big fan of Pride & Prejudice - well, if that's the case then surely she would know how to behave at Longborne and Netherfield? Surely smoking, downing glasses of punch, wearing lipgloss and kicking Mr Collins between the legs is not the way for an Austen heroine to behave?

By the end of episode 2 everything is going horribly wrong ... Mrs Bennett has asked Amanda to leave, Jane has married Mr Collins and Bingley, well .... he's about as much use as a chocolate fireguard!

It's good TV though ... especially Amanda's reaction when she first meets Mr Wickham ... she reacts how anyone would! With a glare and a "I'm watching you Mr Wickham!".  The series is a 4 parter and hopefully we will see more of Lizzie in the next 2 episodes!

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