Sunday, 14 September 2008

Limoncello - part 1

In preparation for the festive season and pressies for family and friends, the Plum Brewery started off their first batch of Limoncello!

I got the recipe from "A Year of Family Recipes" by Lesley Wild and published by the Betty's Cookery School.  As with my Sloe Gin - this takes time and attention.  I have just completed part one of the recipe, and am writing this while I wait for the kettle to boil.  I am just about to take afternoon tea out into the garden for Mr Plum who has just fixed my shed!

Ingredients (makes 1.5 litres)

8 organic unwaxed lemons (or whatever you can get at the market ... I only got 7, so will be adding an extra one later on!)
750ml 80% proof vodka (the vodka I have is only 37.5% - so not sure whether it will work!)
625ml water
500g caster sugar

Method for part 1:

1.  Carefully pare the peel from the lemons with a sharp knife, ensuring the white pith is left behind.

2.  Pour the vodka into a large glass jar, then add the peeled lemon zest.  Cover with the lid and leave in a cool dark place for 40 days.  Gradually the vodka will absorb the flavour and rich colour of the lemon zest.  At the end of this stage the zest will be pale and quite brittle - this is a sign that you can progress to the next stage.

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Ben said...

You have vodka that is 37.5% alcohol? That would be 75 proof. Normal vodka is 80 proof (40% alcohol). If you use 80 proof vodka, your finished product will probably freeze in the freezer. If you use less than that, it will absolutely freeze.