Monday, 21 March 2011

Spring is here!

Well, Spring is here, so it is time to get out into the greenhouse and plant some seeds!

The Plums spent the weekend down on the allotment - you can read more about that on Allotment Plot 7A
But what is the point of a weekend of digging and soil prep if you haven't got any plants to plant in it?!

Above is my afternoon's work. We have:

Peperone, Money Maker, 100 & 1000s, San Marzano, Roma & Ailsa Craig (I do like to try a variety of tomatoes!)


Red Marconi Pepper

Looking forward to waiting for the seedlings to appear!

Spring Flowers

Baby Plum has been poorly for the last week with a nasty bug. She has perked up over the weekend and has spent the afternoon sleeping in her pram in the garden. She is now awake and demanding my attention, so I had best be off!!

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