Sunday, 23 January 2011

Naughty Victoria Plum Does Some Baking

I have had to cut down on my baking!

I was baking cakes and eating (most of!) them. This wasn't helping my attempt to lose the 'Mum Tum" (ahem! and the rest!!)

But I love baking soooooo much!

I was given the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook for Christmas - and decided that I would bake some cupcakes to take to my Baby Massage class on Friday morning.

I opted for the 'Black Bottom Cupcakes' ... initially I thought the recipe sounded a bit fiddly...but it wasn't at all. Oh my goodness! Dark choc sponge, with a dollop of cheesecake filling (did I mention the chocolate chips?) topped off with cream cheese frosting ...

D E L I C I O U S!!!

And went down very well with the girls at Baby Massage.

I'll be making the Lavender Cupcakes for next week's class!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

OOH My goodness, they sound and look really delicious! I am on a diet and this post is torturous!!

bibbitybob said...

Ooh I've not tried those, I shall have to take a look. I made my Mum some lavender ones last year and they were delicious! x

home made gorgeous said...

Wow. These look amazing! Might have to get a copy of this book I've heard so many good things about it. I'm sure your lavendar ones will be just as nice! Sarah x

Florence and Mary said...

Ooohhh those mum's are lucky to have you in their class!

Victoria xx

Bristol Parenting Cafe said...

They look delicious - I am learning to live with my '3 months pregnant' post-baby look in order not to have to sacrifice cake!

Mary Poppins said...

Yum yum!! Phew, thank goodness, I was starting to worruy I looked like one big flowr ;0) Thank you for the comment and have a lovely weekend :0)