Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Baby Plum: Time to Wean

Can you believe that Baby Plum is 5 months old?

I am starting to think about the next stage of our adventure! I have exclusively breastfed her for (almost) 5 months ... but due to Health Visitors making me panic about her weight (not putting weight on as fast as they would like) and teething making breastfeeding hard for her, I have decided to move onto formula feeding. I do feel a bit sad as I would have liked to have continued to breastfeed for a bit longer. But heh ho!

I am beginning to think about weaning!

I definitely don't want to start before her 6 month birthday but am thinking about trying 'baby led weaning'. Through my google searches I have found some very interesting articles and blogs on this subject - in particular This Mummy Loves ... I thought that Dawnie's idea of sitting her daughter at the table when she was 5 months old while she and her husband ate dinner was a fantastic idea. We sat Baby Plum in her Bumbo while we ate on Sunday ...
daddy ... can I have a sip of beer please?

I have ordered a book from Amazon and look forward to giving it a try in a few weeks time!


Florence and Mary said...

Look at that cutie sitting on the table!!

Victoria xx

PS Finished Twilight yesterday and am now reading New moon!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

How great is baby plums seat! Amazing - and so cuye too!