Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Scones ... not the Paul Hollywood way!

My name is Victoria Plum ... and I am a baking addict.

I KNOW ... Baby Plum is asleep ... so I should be SLEEPING! Everyone tells me this

"are you sleeping when your baby is asleep?"


I'm a morning person. I always have been. Once I am up, showered and dressed - I want to get on with stuff! Once Baby Plum is washed, dressed and fed ... she is quite happy sitting in her rocking chair which I move into the kitchen if I am pottering around. She is now having a well earned snooze in her chair!

This evening I have got a friend popping round after work. This is a treat! I don't often get people popping in ... one of the downsides (one of the many!!) of living in London, I suppose. All my friends are spread out all over the place so to meet up with them takes weeks of organisation, cancellations, reorganisations ... you get the picture!

So, I thought we could have "high tea" ... so have baked two batches of scones (fruit and cheese) and thought we could have these with bagels, sandwiches and fruit cake. And tea of course.

After making the Sugar Crusted Fruit Scones from The Pink Whisk - I have to say that I didn't really like the sugar crust....so I thought I would have a look at Paul Hollywood's Scone Recipe ... I have never seen such a lengthy and detailed scone recipe! Scones are supposed to be a simple tea time treat ... you shouldn't have to read an essay of a recipe to make them!! So, I went back to my trusted scone recipe. Yum Yum!

The recipe for my cheese scones can be found here

Talking of tea ... did you hear today's "A History of the World in 100 Objects" it was very interesting and I recommend catching it on the iplayer while it is on there. The history of that quintessentially English past time of drinking tea ... with tea from China and India, sugar from the West Indies ... the only "English" element was the milk!

Have a listen now!


Jackie said...

Ooh - your scones look yummy! Thank you for sharing your cheese scone recipe - am going to try these - I have been after a tried and tested recipe for a while - you're a star!! Enjoy your friend's visit xx

Sheila said...

What nice scones! I saw Pauls recipe and turned away from it too, im not as organised as you so i would never have a hope of doing it!

Val said...

Cheese scones - I don't think I've ever had those. Must add to the to-bake list!

Will add your link to the to listen list too....such an enlightening post for a little mid-American like me, far from the world of scones and tea with milk!

smilernpb said...

Your scones look yummy.

I hope that you hsve a nice catch up with your friend xx

Sarah said...

wow your friend will be impressed. She'll be expecting a messy house and nothing to eat! About that sleeping thing, it's just for those that really suffer from lack of sleep. I didn't do it either. The time on your own when the baby is sleeping is too precious to waste sleeping. Enjoy!

Alijane said...

Your scones look mighty fine. I never used to sleep when my babys did, I used to have to many other things I wanted t do instead.

Enjoy your evening.