Friday, 5 November 2010

The return of the tea shop!

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Plum drove us to Bluewater for a trip to John Lewis. Very exciting!! I have only recently discovered Bluewater - it is about an hour away on the M25 from our house and far less stressful (for me and Baby Plum, anyway!) than heading into the West End for a trip to the shops!

While having a wander around we spotted a shop which was due to be opened called "The Cadburys Cocoa House" .... oooh, thought I, a shop dedicated to wonderful Cadburys choc! mmmm mmmmm

Last night on the local London news there was a feature about the Cadburys Cocoa House ... it is a TEA SHOP!!!

And even more excitingly, a tea shop in the style of a Lyons Corner House. Obviously, being 33 and a bit years old - I have never been to a Lyons Corner House - but being an avid reader ... they feature so often in novels that I do feel like I have been there many a time! What a refreshing change from all the Starbucks and Costas which line our high street. The owners are planning to roll out more of these Cadburys Cocoa Houses ... hopefully there will be one a bit nearer to me!

Unfortunately Mr Plum is off work with a bad back ... but hopefully once he has recovered we will have another trip to Bluewater to have tea!


Sheila said...

Poor Mr Plum, i hope he gets better soon.
You are super lucky having the tea shop quite near you!! Id love that, it sounds fab! You can get your shopping done and treat yourself!! Bless, i bet your never away from the middle of London in say about 16 years...Mum may I have...?
x x x

Val said...

Sounds lovely. We're off on vacation soon, and I'm wondering if I can get my very American, non-tea drinking husband into a tea house while traveling.... I'm not sure if it would be worth the battle!

Hope Mr. P is better soon!

Florence and Mary said...

Bluewater isn't too far from me but I haven't been for so long... I think I'm due a trip now!

Victoria xx