Friday, 8 October 2010

The Knitting and Stitching Show!

Well ... some may call me brave, some may call me just plain stupid! But ... off I trekked with Baby Plum in a papoose up to Alexandra Palace for the Knitting and Stitching Show!!

So many wonderful bits and pieces to look at and buy ... unfortunately taking a 7 week old to a show like this was a little bit stressful - and I couldn't really concentrate as much as I would have liked to on purchasing lovely crafty bits!

I had gone to the show armed with a list of wool I needed for my latest projects from The Knitted Nursery ... but, could not find the wool I seemed to be mainly very luxurious cashmere yarns, stripy sock yarns or very exotic and strange yarns. The show did seem to be more about "stitching" too (or did I miss something?). I will be going back next year with a couple of stitchy projects in mind ...

We had booked in for afternoon tea (very exciting!!) which unfortunately clashed with Baby Plum's grizzly time ... I tried to feed her before we went in for tea - but I think that she was overwhelmed by the whole experience of being around so many people and wouldn't feed. This meant that as soon as we sat at our table (which we were sharing with two other ladies) Baby Plum decided to exercise her right to scream. It was very stressful - so I ran off to feed her somewhere nice and quiet and she calmed down. When I got back into the tea room, my friend had been chatting to the ladies who said that I should have just fed her at the table (I do have a pashmina to hide us both with) ... but you hear such negative things about women feeding in public - I just don't feel confident doing that yet, and am always worried that someone will make a comment ... anyway, when Baby Plum woke again wanting seconds, I did feed her at the table.

So, if anyone reading this blog was in the tea room at Alexandra Palace yesterday afternoon - apologies for my crying baby!!

Oops! I should have taken a picture before we scoffed the lot!!


smilernpb said...

Oh hugs to you - please don't feel self concious about feeding in public. I've done it in all sorts of places and have never had any problems.

I make sure I take a small lightweight blanket out with us at all times, which helps to cover up a bit if you need to.


Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh it is so frustrating when you can't look at what you want to in a shop or show due to little one - then you get annoyed and then annoyed that you are getting annoyed gggrrr. I have learnt not to plan anything in my head since having children a it just frustrates me otherwise - if I get stuff done then fantastic, if I don't then hey ho.

I so know how you feel with feeding, it takes a while to get over the embarrasment and i never really mastered feeding so no one could see my ample boobies :-)

Florence and Mary said...

Good on you taking Baby Plum out with you! My mum always complains about mum's today who can't go anywhere without cars, this and that and she tells me how she managed with 2 children on buses etc.

Victoria xx