Monday, 9 August 2010

A Thrifty Tip from The Thrifty Mrs

I like to think of myself as a relatively good saver ... being a civil servant in London with a mortgage, and baby on the way ... doesn't leave an awful lot of spare cash, but I do save what I can. I find it easier to save when there is a certain goal in mind (wedding or a baby!) My current goal is being able to afford to take a whole year's maternity leave (luckily I do get 6 months on my full salary, then 3 months on statutory maternity pay, but then this drops to a final 3 months on nothing ...) so I need to squirrel my pennies away so that I can spend as long as I can at home.

The Thrifty Mrs posted a tip for saving a little bit extra on her blog yesterday. I often put my coppers into a jar ... but this will take ages to amount to anything. So following her tip for today, I will be putting any £2 coins I get into a jar (I may even invest in a money box which would require smashing to get any money out so then I can't be tempted to dip in to it!!)

I thought that I would give myself a 6 month target for this ... and will smash the money box on 8 February!


The undomesticated scientist said...

you could get one of those tin which require a tin opener to get the cash out. you can pick them up v cheaply (a pound or so) and they don't make so much mess when you empty it! good luck!

Sheila said...

Good luck with that, my Mum saves Scottish £1 coins all year for Christmas, im not that good, but i round up my shopping bill at the supermarket and put whatever is between the actual price and the nearest ten pound mark on my christmas savings card so i dont have to pay for food in Dec!!

Val said...

Good luck! I have to admit that I've very thankful that our coins in the States don't go past $.25 (well, there are rare $1 coins, but I see maybe 2 a year). It's way too easy to think of coins as nothing, and spend them freely. I find it much harder to pull out a dollar bill, which is probably a good thing!

smilernpb said...

Yes I saw this on her blog too. I'm going to give it a go!

Hugs xx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Good luck! I hope it goes well.