Friday, 13 August 2010

Feeling fat and fed up at 40+5 weeks pregnant ...


Yep ... still pregnant (and yes, I know that the first baby is often overdue ...) and just feeling huge at the moment! I just want to have this baby NOW!!

I found out at my midwife appointment on Wednesday that naughty Baby Plum has decided to disengage herself ... silly girl! I have now got to go and see a consultant next Wednesday ... not sure what he will do - and there is a chance that I will have had the baby by then anyway (I do hope so!). Only one of the girls from antenatal has given birth now ... another one who was due on 1st August was booked in for an induction tomorrow - but has just sent me a text to say that she has started having contractions! Hurray!

So ... what have I been up to since Tuesday?

I have watched an awful lot of "The Tudors" which I really enjoyed (once I got over the historical inaccuracies and put my John Guy "Tudor England" aside!) ... I have also made good progress with the teddy bear I am knitting for Baby Plum ... today I met up with another friend from antenatal (who is due tomorrow!) for a coffee in the local Starbucks and then came home and did some baking! I do enjoy my "Baking Fridays"!

On this week's menu we have Victoria Sponge and Mary Poppins' "Strike Me Pink Raspberry Cakes" the recipe for which can be found in the wonderful book by Jane Brocket "Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer" YUM!

I also took delivery of my Terramundi money box this morning which I picked up for the bargain price of £6 on ebay (the rrp is a rip offingly £20 or so!) ... and have put in my first £2 coin!


VintageVicki said...

Here's hoping little Plum gets a move on. My first was 5 days late too and every one of those days seemed like a week.

2nd one was 2 days early :)

Val said...

That baby needs to make her entrance! I can only imagine how ready you are for her to arrive! Good luck waiting in the meantime.

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh she will arrive soon don't you worry and it will seem she has always been with you. I hated being late with my last one but the wait is well worth it. Maybe she is waiting for you to finish her bear :-)

Sarah said...

I was so hoping you had had your baby by now. I understand completely how you are feeling. My first was 10 days late and the second 11 days late and induced in the end. But it doesn't matter in the end. You just have that excited feeling for longer which is nice, really.

smilernpb said...

Oh hugs to you! I know EXACTLY what you are feeling like, this was me just under a year ago. Hoping that baby Plum decides to make an appearance this weekend! Lots of luck to you xxxx