Monday, 16 August 2010


Today I have ...

Put my second £2 coin into my new money box ...

Made my little brother a birthday cake ... he is 30 tomorrow! He's popping round tonight for a curry (hurray! Mr Plum hates curry ... and I'm in desperate need of one!)

Picked some blackberries from the bottom of the garden ... only managed 1/2 a pound ... before being scared off by the wasps! I'm hoping that Mr Plum will pick me some more this evening. I need to make jam!

Admired 3 of my recently picked courgettes. Aren't they impressive? I think that the recent rain must have been very good for them!

Taken delivery of my new knitting book "Knitted Nursery", had a walk around the park and am now at home with my feet up watching old episodes of Friends while drinking tea and eating cake!


Kandi said...

How lovely, even though you must be desperate for baby to show its lovely little face you must be secretly loving this time to yourself. Come on baby Plum, lets have you!
Kandi x

Val said...

Oh! I had so hoped to find that Baby Plum had appeared over the weekend. Sigh. More waiting.

Must tell you that a lovely package of tea arrived in my mail on Saturday! I think I'll be making my cake this Saturday, if all goes well. Thank you so much!

What will you be doing with your courgettes? (I think that's what you call them!) We know then as zucchini, I believe. My favorite thing to do with them is make a lovely bread/cake.

VintageVicki said...

Lets hope the curry works :)

Come on baby-plum - blogland is waiting for you :)

smilernpb said...

Oh HUGS to you!! :o( Come on Miss Plum, we'd like to meet you....NOW!

There, that's her told. Let's hope she is scared of that telling off and pops out.

Ever thought that perhaps she's waiting to share her Uncle's birthday?!


Sheila said...

How lovely,i hope you are able to enjoy the time off you have at the moment,maybe Baby Plum has been sleeping whenever you've spoken about all the pretty things you can share....then they wont know how good they will have it once they are born!!
We dont have any blackberries yet, i cant wait until they turn up though!!
x x x x

Josh said...

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