Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

The time has come to face facts ... I call myself a "Weight Watcher" - but I am failing, and failing BIG TIME. Eight years ago I lost 5 stone ... but I have allowed 3 of those to "creep" back on. So ... after enduring a second weekend of going out, but no having anything nice which fits I have realised that I have to get back to Weight Watchers (online) and I have to track ... and track properly. No ... a chocolate biscuit does count if it's eaten at your desk/standing up, yes ... a moment on the lips will mean a lifetime on the hips ...

I have been inspired by recent posts by Kelly and Victoria, and have just signed up to Weight Loss Wednesdays at Rosie Little Things. This week I have lost 2lbs! So I am please with that!


Florence and Mary said...

Well done for joining in and your weight loss!

I will start posting my tips on food that have worked for me recently in the next few weeks!

I love my food and biggest problem is apathy that I'm not worried enough to say no etc so I can appreciate the "it doesn't count" theories!

Victoria xx

Kelly said...

Hey! Great to have you join in it really makes a difference chick!!

Well done on the 2lb!

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

Re said...

Well done, I'm sure that you girls are really motivating each other.

smilernpb said...

I go to WW on a Wednesday too!

I only go to the meetings because it's free for me to weigh in as I was a gold member before I had Bronte (well from 2007) and because of that I get free weigh in's until she is six months old - hopefully I will be back to goal (or within 5lbs of it) then or else I'm not paying the £5.50 a week to weigh in!! I don't even stay for the meetings....but it's a great time to stock up on the YUMMY WW chocolate bars!