Sunday, 4 October 2009

Borough Market, Today's Harvest and a bit of Cliff!

I'm feeling a bit sad today as I have to go back to work tomorrow ..... I have had a lovely weekend with Mr Plum though (although, for I did feel like an extra in Dawson's Creek for a bit of it ...but that's another story!)

Yesterday we got up very early and headed to Borough Market. I love this market ... I know that it is quite overpriced ... but it is nice to walk around, taste a few things and pick up a bit of cheese ... some olives ... salami and bread!

We met our friends at Maria's Market Cafe - I would recommend this cafe as a good starting point on a cold Autumn morning. So full of two mugs of strong tea, a bubble and egg roll for myself and a bacon and sausage roll for Mr Plum - we wandered around a picked up some goodies for lunch!

We had planned to head to Spitalfields Market after lunch ... but full of cheese and cava, we just sat in my friends lovely Barbican flat and talked the afternoon away!

Another early morning today! We headed to the car boot sale at Crystal Palace ... no goodies to be found there today ... which was a little disappointing! Anyway, after a quick dash around Tesco we are home reading the Sundays. I have just picked the last of my peppers and a few tomatoes, fed the kittens and am now watching Summer Holiday!
ps: how does anyone manage to knit with two kittens running around attacking the wool? Any tips welcome!! (have tried shutting them out of the room - but they cry!)

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Florence and Mary said...


Central Perk is just off Carnaby Street, the link is on my post but be quick, it's only open till the 7th!

Victoria xx