Sunday, 2 August 2009

Weekend antics in rainy London town

I love the weekends!!

Friday, 5pm and I managed to escape work and head home for a lovely weekend!

On Saturday morning we headed into town to visit the J.W Waterhouse exhibition at the Royal Academy. I love Waterhouse. Especially "The Lady Of Shallot" - so was keen to see this exhibition. I wasn't disappointed! There were so many beautiful paintings that I hadn't seen before. I think that I would have like to have been one of Waterhouse's mythical heroine's!

Next we headed up to John Lewis as I needed to visit the haberdashery department! While there I got completed distracted by the Kim Hargreaves book "Thrown Together". A wondrous collection of 16 vintagey pieces ... I'm going to have a go at knitting this cardigan! What do you reckon? Overly ambitious? Oh well ... I need to move on from baby clothes!

We finished off the day by meeting friends for a trip to The Proms! Fantastic! Proms 22 was the MGM Musical Prom and featured vocals by Curtis Stiger and Seth MacFarlane! Yes ... Seth Macfarlane from Family Guy! He even did a Stewie impression in the finale! I love musicals (and am sat here watching "High Society" while typing away!) - to this was a perfect evening! You can listen to last night's concert on the iplayer ... I would definitely recommend it! Follow this link for MGM musical delights!

The weekend did not stop there! This morning we headed off to visit a friend of Mr Plum's ... who's cat has just given birth to eight of these ...


In four (or so) weeks ... we will be coming home with these two cuties!!!!

We have names the ginger kitty "Marmalade" (original, I know) and the tabby "Crumpet" ... this may be subject to change! I wanted to call the tabby "Sparkle" - but Mr Plum insisted on a breakfast theme!!

Here's a gratuitous cat shot to finish off this post! We are about to tuck into Blackberry Crumble (with berries picked from our garden, of course!)

I hope that you have all had lovely weekends!

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re said...

Oh I'm soo jealous - two darling kittens. You are going to have soo much fun with them.
I also think the cardigan is lovely, it would be over ambitious for me but I'm sure you'll work it out.