Sunday, 9 August 2009

Beer and Aubergines!

Another Sunday evening ... feeling worn out after a busy weekend! I wish that the weekends could stretch out for a bit longer .... anyway! Let me tell you what me and Mr Plum have been up to this weekend!

On Friday night we headed up to the Great British Beer Festival at Earl's Court. You may remember me telling you about last year's festival (have a look here)...this year's was just as fun! There was a gang of us - friends from University and work ... and we tried lots of beers. A year on from last year and I am a bit more of an experienced ale drinker!! I quite often join Mr Plum in a nice pint of ale after a long walk ... so I didn't just stick to the pale ales and fruit beers. My favourite beer this year was "Hooky Gold" brewed by the Hook Norton Brewery - Hook Norton Brewery is quite near where my parents live - I think that we will have to organise a tour of the brewery soon!

WOW! Look at this wonderful aubergine! It is so big! I have four more growing too! It is currently being roasted in balsamic vinegar and will be used on a pizza tomorrow night!

Today we have just been pottering about ... and doing what is becoming a bit of a Sunday evening tradition in the Plum household ... sticking on an MGM musical, making a pot of tea and getting out my knitting.

And a new series of "Jam and Jerusalem" with crumpets and cheese ... a perfect way to end the weekend!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway in the post below! I should have told you what my favourite tipple was! I love a nice cup of Yorkshire tea ... or a cool glass of prosecco ... or champagne ... or a lovely cosmopolitan ...........

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