Saturday, 15 August 2009

South Croydon Allotments Open Day

Today the South Croydon Allotments had an open day!

There is currently a 4 year long waiting list - and we are at the bottom! But we thought that we would sign up for a half plot.

Hopefully in four years time we will have left South London - but, just in case we are still here - we have an allotment to look forward too!

Just look at these lovely apples!

Some of the plots would have been worthy of a RHS flower show award!!!

Here is Mr Plum next to a huge Sunflower!


smilernpb said...

Better to be on the list than not at all. I wonder how many people are above you, though?!

Oh wow, what a fantastic sunflower. M's one from nursery has since died a death, it didn't quite get that tall....perhaps next year, now that we managed NOT to kill it...last year, B sat on his! Oops.

Kelly said...

There is something so very cool about allotments! Hope you get one sooner, I'd love to see all your lovely produce!

Thank you so much for visiting me at the new home everyone has been very kind xxxx

Lots of Love

kelly xxx

re said...

4 years is a long waiting list, hope you get one before then.