Tuesday, 8 December 2009


When I was younger (and even now!) one of my favourite Christmas cartoons was Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman". I love it ... even if it does have a sad ending (and just thinking about it now brings a tear to my eye....)

So this evening, when I decided to ice my Christmas cakes, I decided to make ....


A little bit rough 'n' ready ....

But rather fab looking I think ... and I hope that the people who will be getting them as little pressies will like them too!

The cakes were made using Delia's wonderful classic Christmas cake recipe (fed with plenty of home made sloe gin) and divided between six tin cans and cooked for about 3.5-4 hours! Mmmmm I love Christmas!!

Last year's Christmas Cake can been viewed here

How are your Christmas preparations going??


Pipany said...

I love them! So fun and cheery, though I don't think I could spare my sloe gin quite so generously! x

Florence and Mary said...

The snowman is my favourite part of Christmas... my nephew may only be 1 but we've already made him watch it!

Your cakes look great

Victoria xxx

Kelly said...

These are brilliant!!! I bet your friends will love to recieve them!!!

Val said...

These are lovely. :)